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7 Aug 2010

ACE Caribbean Real Estate: The First Anniversary by Lisette Stevens

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ACE Caribbean Real Estate (ACRE) will be one year old at the end of July 2010.  The company is owned by an astute local Dominican and I am his partner.  We take this opportunity to thank all of our vendors for using to advertise their properties and the purchasers for being vigilant and constantly supporting our website.

In this modern day and age, most businesses log in to the immense scope of the internet.  What on earth would we do if the internet broke down worldwide for more than a week?  The thought – however absurd – is inconceivable.

Although the main thrust of ACRE business is conducted online there are at the same time strong personal links forged with the many vendors on the Nature Isle.  We are also really happy that many clients who purchase from us are returning Dominicans who are very aware of property prices overseas; also the local Dominicans are now realizing that they do not have to sell all their land in order to free up some funds for their families benefit.  This means that Dominica will always be Dominican. We at ACRE endorse this policy whole heartedly.   Many of the other islands do not have the luxury of having as much land available as Dominica and not surprisingly, a great many Dominicans own fabulous properties. The diverse make up of terrain on this island ensures there is ideal land for private & commercial building plus ample scope for eco driven ventures and organic agriculture projects in general.

There have to be real estate agents in every country and we feel that in our first year, ACE Caribbean Real Estate has created a benchmark in a competitive market place without sacrificing the birthrights of many Dominicans even in these fragile economic times.

We try to give our customers good reliable service.  Sometimes, we work seven days a week if needs be to achieve this.

We make purchasing and selling your property easy for you.  We deal with every legal aspect of the sale for both seller and purchaser alike in an efficient and quick manner, taking all the stress and worry out of the process of buying and selling. Dominica is blessed with an efficient Land Registry and has recently upgraded its software for swifter and more accurate transactions in line with many international land registration systems. For more on this check out

We pride ourselves that we have the biggest variety of properties in Dominica for sale on our website.    Through search, endeavour and word of mouth we are getting more properties to sell all the time.

If you wish to buy or sell a property please contact us through our website:

Thanks go out to all of our clients and customers for being so supportive and helpful in our first year.  We are here to give you an excellent service and help you find your dream property right here in the Nature Island of Dominica.ACE0068ACE0044ACE0116

14 Jul 2010

2 Clients find their slice of Paradise

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My wife and I had searched multiple websites to purchase property in the Caribbean. We always were drawn to Dominica despite the fact that we had not been there. I started communicating with Lisette Stevens for months and she was extremely helpful in describing Dominica and its many areas and Micro-Climates.

We chose a property in the Syndicate area because of the climate, fertile soil, wildlife, and the fact that we had 2 streams that bordered our property. Given that we had never been to Dominica, we were a little nervous because we only saw the pictures that Lisette took of the property. We had also requested additional photos of the streams on the land which Lisette promptly did and sent them right to us. We decided to move forward with the property and could not wait to visit and see our land in Paradise. Lisette made the whole process to purchase the land extremely easy and in no time we had an agreement with the seller. She also guided us through the procedures necessary when purchasing more than one acre of land in Dominica.

This process was very easy as well. Eventually the time had come for our visit to our property. Excitement and anticipation filled our bodies. When we finally saw our land I was speechless. It was more than we expected and better than the pictures, of course!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy Lisette has made my family and me and how she made our dreams come true. Lisette is one of the most happy and outgoing people I know now and I know we can always count on her for anything. My wife and I plan on retiring in Dominica, but this will take a while. In the meantime, we cannot wait to go back to Dominica to visit our property.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions on our experience with Ace Caribbean Real Estate. Our number is 412-427-9943. We live in Pittsburgh, PA USA.

Matthew and Hayley MaxovichMax Blog

6 Apr 2010

The Idea of the Event is Bigger Than the Event Itself

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From Jamaica: Jakoostick Band

From Jamaica: Jakoostick Band

A social observation by Laurie Stevens, Ace Caribbean Real Estate

“ ….I think we should have more events like this…maybe 2 or three a year?” said Arti Martin, the more than capable MC,  from the colourful stage at the State House Gardens this past Saturday evening, to a loud acclamation from pretty much everyone within earshot. The occasion was the Second Year of the Child Concert in Dominica – dubbed ‘Music for Life’ – involving a magic mulch of musical styles and regional accents to whet the appetite of any Caribbean audience, especially the few hundred gathered in the gardens under a starry, starry night. Proceeds were in aid of children living with HIV/ Aids and I’m sure in a few days’ time, glowing reviews of the show will be written by more knowledgeable scribes than I. So with respect to the organisers, performers and paying guests at this gala presentation, I’ll return to my opening headline.

The idea of the event is bigger than the event itself. Think about it for a moment. To have the spacious location, easily found, easily reached and adequate parking for some and a short walk for others bodes well for State House gatherings in the future no matter what cause one is supporting. Too often when outdoor concerts are planned, it’s common to see everyone standing and milling around – nothing wrong with that, but one factor of Saturday’s show that stood out was that most people were seated and in good humour; people shaking hands, food and drink within reach, it resembled a ‘cabaret’ evening almost, in the open air, loads of space but still intimate, savez?

Dominica is not short of adequate sound systems and the expertise that drives them; so on Saturday, through Showtime it seemed the vocals and instruments were clear & concise with plenty of decibels in reserve – for musicians visiting from other islands, besides Dominica’s other attributes, this must enhance further sojourns to the Nature Isle. Plus as one guitarist put it, “I thought Jamaica had the prettiest women in the world – Well Jamaica, you got competition. Dominica’s got the edge – (to the crowd) you guys out there, look after your ladies!” Yes ‘glamour in the house’ is a magnet and the presence of one of the hosts, namely Leah Marville from the HIV/Aids charity ‘The Love Campaign’ created a jump in several testosterone levels.

So whether the fund raiser is for well-established charities or new emerging causes, the atmosphere of a well-organised outdoors event is something special – and deserving space in your social calendar.


The downside?…. How do you plan for rain when you’ve hardly seen any for 3 months? Yes, it did pour for a while, but afterwards spirits soared and dancers danced when – at last – the headliners came on and started blowing away a storm…literally!

28 Mar 2010

Is the Cruise Ship Passenger a Potential Island Property Buyer

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cruise-ships 1

The answer to the above heading will never be abundantly clear, that’s for sure, as your mainstream cruiser appears to be looking for the good time enveloped in sun, sea, relaxation and escapism from his or her day to day routine. But having said that, a lot of inland island excursions are sold out long before the ship has entered port at any given destination; air conditioned vehicles whisk away the unaware salty traveller into rustic parts that portray a completely different architecture that the inner city mainlander is accustomed to. From this viewpoint it could be deduced that someone on board will take a shine to the passing surroundings; maybe enough of a shine to go on line and follow up on the land and property values of that island.

Most people in the middle age bracket – a time of life where there should be more disposable income – appreciate that a move away from their mother country these days is not considered unusual, indeed a growing number of folk have second homes in well chosen climates. A cruise holiday is an ideal opportunity to cover a lot of legwork through the different stops, and possibly a return visit to a favourite destination could result in a two week stay and then perhaps the purchase of a lifetime.

There doesn’t seem to be any rock solid statistics regarding acquisition of land and property as a result of a cruise vacation, but maybe someone out there who has taken this step could enlighten us as to their experience?

7 Mar 2010

The Days of Lime and Rose’s

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A brief reflection of one of Dominica’s more prosperous periods


It’s not a well-known fact that at one time the lush nature island of Dominica was the world’s largest producer of limes, the prime ingredient of the famous Rose’s Lime Juice Cordial.

Although in evidence during the 1880’s, the high point of the West Indian green lime trade was between 1903 and the mid 1920’s. This was the most prosperous period that the island had ever experienced, the largest purchaser being L. Rose & Lime Company of Leigh, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Established in 1865 by Lauchlan Rose, whose family was prominent in the Scottish shipbuilding industries; it became famous for its Rose’s Lime Cordial and latterly, its delicious lime marmalade. In those days it was mandatory for ships to carry a supply of lime or lemon juice, to stave off the painful human condition known as scurvy – and Rose’s strategy was to supply enough of this health enhancing cocktail to the world’s transient sailors.

In 1867, Rose patented a process that preserved the citrus juice without the addition of alcohol. While this may have made him unpopular with the sailors, the alcohol free juices quickly became the choice of responsible fleet owners.

To keep up with the ever increasing demand, Rose’s had to buy into Dominica’s lime output in big style. In 1891, the company purchased Bath and Elmshall Estates from William Davies in the south-west of the island and converted an old sugar factory for the processing of limes. By 1906, the company had started to manufacture calcium nitrate and in 1921, a factory was erected at Bath Estate for the production of citric acid crystals, an essential component for the bubbles in fizzy drinks – so it’s not surprising therefore that Rose & Co. became synonymous with limes and lime products across the island.

Two of Dominica’s better known estates, Picard and Soufriere, were added to the company’s business after World War 11, with Aroment (1958) and Canefield plus Wallhouse coming on board in the 1960’s. Lime sales were soaring.

In 1957, Rose’s was bought out by Schweppes Ltd., the largest drinks manufacturer in Britain, and expanded its product line. Schweppes in turn merged with Cadbury, the chocolate magnate, and global marketing for Rose’s became a reality.

The Lime Juice Cordial is, without a doubt, Rose’s flagship in sales and is renowned world-wide for its supreme “mixability”; the bottom line here is that it only takes a little to make a long drink, whether it be sweet or sharp, in mineral water or in a medicinal tonic – such as, according to Sir T. O. Gimlette’s reviving Gimlet cocktail, requiring a splash of gin or vodka and a clean palate – you can’t mistake the class in your glass!

By 1978, changes in world economy, domestic politics and significant investment by the parent group in Ghana and Cameroon, resulted in L. Rose & Co. pulling out of Dominica and an era of advancement within the “Nature Island” was seemingly, but sadly put on hold – for a little while at least.Limes 3