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7 Aug 2010

ACE Caribbean Real Estate: The First Anniversary by Lisette Stevens

Posted by Lisette Stevens


ACE Caribbean Real Estate (ACRE) will be one year old at the end of July 2010.  The company is owned by an astute local Dominican and I am his partner.  We take this opportunity to thank all of our vendors for using to advertise their properties and the purchasers for being vigilant and constantly supporting our website.

In this modern day and age, most businesses log in to the immense scope of the internet.  What on earth would we do if the internet broke down worldwide for more than a week?  The thought – however absurd – is inconceivable.

Although the main thrust of ACRE business is conducted online there are at the same time strong personal links forged with the many vendors on the Nature Isle.  We are also really happy that many clients who purchase from us are returning Dominicans who are very aware of property prices overseas; also the local Dominicans are now realizing that they do not have to sell all their land in order to free up some funds for their families benefit.  This means that Dominica will always be Dominican. We at ACRE endorse this policy whole heartedly.   Many of the other islands do not have the luxury of having as much land available as Dominica and not surprisingly, a great many Dominicans own fabulous properties. The diverse make up of terrain on this island ensures there is ideal land for private & commercial building plus ample scope for eco driven ventures and organic agriculture projects in general.

There have to be real estate agents in every country and we feel that in our first year, ACE Caribbean Real Estate has created a benchmark in a competitive market place without sacrificing the birthrights of many Dominicans even in these fragile economic times.

We try to give our customers good reliable service.  Sometimes, we work seven days a week if needs be to achieve this.

We make purchasing and selling your property easy for you.  We deal with every legal aspect of the sale for both seller and purchaser alike in an efficient and quick manner, taking all the stress and worry out of the process of buying and selling. Dominica is blessed with an efficient Land Registry and has recently upgraded its software for swifter and more accurate transactions in line with many international land registration systems. For more on this check out

We pride ourselves that we have the biggest variety of properties in Dominica for sale on our website.    Through search, endeavour and word of mouth we are getting more properties to sell all the time.

If you wish to buy or sell a property please contact us through our website:

Thanks go out to all of our clients and customers for being so supportive and helpful in our first year.  We are here to give you an excellent service and help you find your dream property right here in the Nature Island of Dominica.ACE0068ACE0044ACE0116

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