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28 Mar 2010

Is the Cruise Ship Passenger a Potential Island Property Buyer

Posted by Lisette Stevens

cruise-ships 1

The answer to the above heading will never be abundantly clear, that’s for sure, as your mainstream cruiser appears to be looking for the good time enveloped in sun, sea, relaxation and escapism from his or her day to day routine. But having said that, a lot of inland island excursions are sold out long before the ship has entered port at any given destination; air conditioned vehicles whisk away the unaware salty traveller into rustic parts that portray a completely different architecture that the inner city mainlander is accustomed to. From this viewpoint it could be deduced that someone on board will take a shine to the passing surroundings; maybe enough of a shine to go on line and follow up on the land and property values of that island.

Most people in the middle age bracket – a time of life where there should be more disposable income – appreciate that a move away from their mother country these days is not considered unusual, indeed a growing number of folk have second homes in well chosen climates. A cruise holiday is an ideal opportunity to cover a lot of legwork through the different stops, and possibly a return visit to a favourite destination could result in a two week stay and then perhaps the purchase of a lifetime.

There doesn’t seem to be any rock solid statistics regarding acquisition of land and property as a result of a cruise vacation, but maybe someone out there who has taken this step could enlighten us as to their experience?

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