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6 Apr 2010

The Idea of the Event is Bigger Than the Event Itself

Posted by Lisette Stevens

From Jamaica: Jakoostick Band

From Jamaica: Jakoostick Band

A social observation by Laurie Stevens, Ace Caribbean Real Estate

“ ….I think we should have more events like this…maybe 2 or three a year?” said Arti Martin, the more than capable MC,  from the colourful stage at the State House Gardens this past Saturday evening, to a loud acclamation from pretty much everyone within earshot. The occasion was the Second Year of the Child Concert in Dominica – dubbed ‘Music for Life’ – involving a magic mulch of musical styles and regional accents to whet the appetite of any Caribbean audience, especially the few hundred gathered in the gardens under a starry, starry night. Proceeds were in aid of children living with HIV/ Aids and I’m sure in a few days’ time, glowing reviews of the show will be written by more knowledgeable scribes than I. So with respect to the organisers, performers and paying guests at this gala presentation, I’ll return to my opening headline.

The idea of the event is bigger than the event itself. Think about it for a moment. To have the spacious location, easily found, easily reached and adequate parking for some and a short walk for others bodes well for State House gatherings in the future no matter what cause one is supporting. Too often when outdoor concerts are planned, it’s common to see everyone standing and milling around – nothing wrong with that, but one factor of Saturday’s show that stood out was that most people were seated and in good humour; people shaking hands, food and drink within reach, it resembled a ‘cabaret’ evening almost, in the open air, loads of space but still intimate, savez?

Dominica is not short of adequate sound systems and the expertise that drives them; so on Saturday, through Showtime it seemed the vocals and instruments were clear & concise with plenty of decibels in reserve – for musicians visiting from other islands, besides Dominica’s other attributes, this must enhance further sojourns to the Nature Isle. Plus as one guitarist put it, “I thought Jamaica had the prettiest women in the world – Well Jamaica, you got competition. Dominica’s got the edge – (to the crowd) you guys out there, look after your ladies!” Yes ‘glamour in the house’ is a magnet and the presence of one of the hosts, namely Leah Marville from the HIV/Aids charity ‘The Love Campaign’ created a jump in several testosterone levels.

So whether the fund raiser is for well-established charities or new emerging causes, the atmosphere of a well-organised outdoors event is something special – and deserving space in your social calendar.


The downside?…. How do you plan for rain when you’ve hardly seen any for 3 months? Yes, it did pour for a while, but afterwards spirits soared and dancers danced when – at last – the headliners came on and started blowing away a storm…literally!

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