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Top Adventure Tours Business. Roseau Valley

Property Information

Location: Roseau Valley

Parish: St George

Reference # ACE0417

Price (USD): $450,000

A Top Adventure Tours Business Situated in the Roseau Valley

Price: $450,000 US

This listing was built in 2010 nicely situated between two flowing streams.  The lower level is home to an adventure tours business.  It is fully equipped with a stove and refrigerator, washer/dryer, private bathroom with shower, all canyoning equipment including wetsuits, harnesses, helmets, life jackets and a climbing/training wall outside. Recently, a 40' x 8' (320 square foot) deck was added downstairs. Upstairs is a beautifully decorated 1200 square foot owner/manager apartment, including a wrap-around 10’ deep veranda.  It includes stove, refrigerator, private bath with shower, all furnishings, high speed Internet and Wi-Fi.  This structure has parking for 5 cars.

Other useful data:

Power: 110/220 electricity. Total area 2420sq.ft 

Additionally, there are 2 gas stoves, 2 electric refrigerators, electric washer/dryer, garden tools and building tools within the sale - All furnishings and most artwork  is included, as is a Toyota 14-seater van with hire (commercial) license.

The business situated in the Roseau Valley is currently in operation and would be a turnkey investment.  It affords the present owners a 4 month holiday each summer and has earned tributes from Trip Advisor and National Geographic as a top adventure attraction in Dominica and globally placed in the top twenty outdoor adventure operations.
Own your own piece of paradise in beautiful Dominica.